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The FLVC Tonic dissolves in water or your drink of choice (without stirring) and is perfect for maintaining overall health. Completely tasteless, the tonic is a perfect addition to your daily routine.

Reasons to love Fulvic Tonic: + Alkalizing + Support Intestinal Health + Increase Energy Flow + Glowing Skin + Support Cognitive Health/Mood + Anti Bloating + Increase Collagen Production + Cellular Health + Regeneration + Increase Nutrient Absorption


Organic fulvic, humic acid, and purified water

Direction for use

01. Hydrate Choose your go to hydration vessel. Water, Tea, Smoothie. Since fulvic acid has no flavour or texture, can be added to anything. 02. Add No need to stir or mix, fulvic acid is water soluble. Just sit back and enjoy the show. 03. Drink Enjoy your elevated drink any time of the day. Although, with increase in energy you may want to incorporate into your morning routine to avoid over activity in the evening.