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Duke Cannon

Shampoo Puck | Barrel Char
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Duke Cannon has been a leader in lather innovation since the late 1800s. Now, the Undisputed King of Lather is taking showering to the next level with the launch of our Shampoo Puck, a super-concentrated, premium formulated, solid bar of shampoo that smells better and lathers bigger than the rest.

Weighing in at 4.5 oz., they're built to outlast multiple bottles of that liquid stuff without leaving any plastic residue behind. Packed full of essential oils, naturally derived fragrances, and big, bold lather. 

Ingredient Index

Argan Oil


Bourbon sandalwood, Charcoal, Argan oil conditions hair, Cedarwood bark oil to restore and repair.

How to use

Get it a little wet
Use the hands to work up a ridiculous lather
Indulge in said lather while you clean and condition your locks
Storage: Store the puck out in the open; let it dry out after each use. Do not store inside the  metal container. Example: Set in on top of the tin, or on a soap dish that drains.