Satin Pillowcase | Silver


Satin Pillowcase | Silver
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The ultimate multitasking hero, this Satin Pillowcase is far from your usual bedtime headrest. The satin material allows you to wake up with hair that’s *almost* as sleek-looking as the pillowcase itself, plus, this magical maverick is both hydrating and anti-aging for your precious skin. So good it doesn’t sound real: the Satin Pillowcase won’t tug or damage your strands as you sleep, keeping your hair frizz-free and looking silky smooth with envious shine. But that’s not all – the material has also been designed to both hydrate and age-defy for a well-rested, youthful appearance. This night time necessity also comes in four gorgeous colours: silver, blush, leopard print and ivory so you can match your pillowcase to your bed sheets every time.


Silver, blush and leopard printed: 100% polyester
Ivory: 100% polyester satin