Hold.ME • Three-Way Hairspray

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Hold.ME • Three-Way Hairspray
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This hairspray is no one-trick pony. Hold.ME is a unique adjustable hairspray that gives you three levels of support your lush locks will love. With just a little twist, you can modify the hold from light, medium and strong.Whatever control you choose, Hold.ME's long-lasting, flake-free formula will give you that shine, UV protection and volume you want for your gorgeous mane. All you need to do is work it! PLAY IT THREE WAYS LIGHT · PREP Beachy wave Tame flyaways After blowdry MEDIUM · SET Sleek and flat Pre-curl set Style shaping HIGH · FINISH Updos & braid Tight wand curl slick looks

Direction for use

Adjust nozzle to desired control level. Hold can 10-12 inches from styled hair and spray to your heart's content.