Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream

Pai Skincare

Pai Skincare-Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream
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Ultra clean formula minimizes the risk of irritation.
Helps calm the appearance of reactive redness.
Rich in Matricine & Chamazulene - nature's powerful skin soothing agents.
Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 help repair and regenerate damaged skin.
Free from Alcohol (denat.), Witch Hazel, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Menthol and other common Rosacea triggers.


Certified Organic by the Soil Association (*Organically produced 70% of product).

Suitable for Vegans. Not tested on animals. Contains nut oil.

Our commitment to product purity means we never use artificial fragrances, alcohol (denat.), parabens (including japanese honeysuckle), phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol, formaldehyde (including sodium hydroxymethylglycinate), sodium lauryl sulfate or other skin irritants.

Ingredient Index

Jojoba Oil
Shea Butter
Vitamin E


Purified Water,
Apricot Kernel Oil,
Jojoba Oil,
Thistle Oil,
Skin Conditioner,
Naturally Derived Emulsifier,
Organic Derived Vegetable Glycerine,
Rosehip Seed Extract,
Shea Butter,
Orange Fruit Water,
Naturally Derived Emulsifier,
Chamomile Extract,
Manuka Oil,
Naturally Derived Preservative,
Natural Vitamin E,
Lavender Oil,
Naturally Derived Preservative,
Rose Geranium Oil,
pH Regulator,
Naturally Derived Emulsifier,
Rosemary Oil