Argan oil

Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, or tocopherol, a fat-soluble vitamin that serves as a potent antioxidant to reduce the damaging effects of free radicals. Other compounds present in argan oil, such as CoQ10, melatonin and plant sterols, also play a role in its antioxidant capacity. testtetst


  • Vitamin E
  • A Fat-soluble Vitamin
  • Coq10
  • Melatonin
  • Plant Sterols


  • Argan Oil Is A Great Moisturizing Treatment For Hair And Scalp
  • This Oil Keep Your Skin Free From Dryness
  • It Gives The Optimum Results When Used As A Moisturizing Agent
  • Argan Oil Will Kill The Bacteria Hidden In The Pores To Get You Clearer Skin
  • Argan Oil Regularly Will Remarkably Decrease Their Presence


  • Skin Care
  • Skin Moisturizer
  • Hair Care
  • Wound Heal
  • Anti-aging Treatment