Serum vs. Moisturizer

The days are long gone when you could entirely rely on home remedies or some secret magical face mask that your grandma made for you. Skin products are the need of the hour and very important if you want to keep your skin healthy and a fresh look. There are tons of face products in the market and sometimes it gets really confusing, which to use and which not to buy. We are going to make life a little easier for you by differentiating between a moisturizer and serum and then you can decide for yourself which one suits you more. Let's first define the purpose of both, moisturizers are primarily there to hydrate your skin by adding moisture to your skin (kind of self-explanatory, no?). It can serve other purposes like target specific skin issues, but the moisturizer's main objective is to keep skin hydrated. Serums are there to target the root cause of the problem at a cellular level to prevent the issue from coming up again. To provide you a greater insight into both of these, we are listing down the basic differences between the two so you can make an informed decision:

  • Serums are lighter and thinner than moisturizers since serums have smaller molecules. This is because serums are supposed to penetrate deep into the skin while moisturizers provide a layer of protection on the face and lock the moisture, so their texture is thicker.


  • Serums target specific skin issues like aging and acne by injecting relevant nutrients and minerals right into your cells. They are also great for making the skin firm and removing fine lines. This is why serums contain highly concentrated ingredients like peptides and antioxidants. On the other hand, moisturizers prevent water loss from your skin, so they contain lubricating ingredients like seed oils.


  • If you have a problem-free skin with very few acne breakouts and no aging lines(lucky you!), you may not need serum at all. A moisturizer will get the job done by keeping your skin fresh. However, if you’re someone like me, with regular and persistent dark spots and acne, you will have to turn to serums for proper treatment and timely results. Consciously avoiding serums, in this case, will only make things worse!


  • Serums are ALWAYS to be applied before the moisturizer to help penetrate them properly into the skin. You may apply serum twice a day, in the morning and at night, but applying moisturizer once at night would be enough unless its winters and your skin is super dry.


Now that we are done with the hydrating serum vs. moisturizer part let us help you find the best serums and moisturizers out there.

  1. Moisture Boost Body Moisturiser by Vita Liberata

This 175 ml bottle is a daily moisturizer that is suitable not just for the face but the entire body. It contains organic botanicals that fight premature aging and prevent inflammation. It also helps prolong your tan, so don’t worry, all that money will not go to waste. Massage it gently until it is properly absorbed.


  1. Ultra-Light Facial Moisturizer by Kimberly Sayer

This one is best suited for oily and acne-prone skin, it is super lightweight and won’t clog up pores or trigger any breakouts. The lemon oil it contains dry up the zits and limits oil production in your skin. You can use it under makeup as it also protects your skin from harmful UV rays without irritating your skin since it contains minerals, including titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.



  1. Oil-Free Moisturizer by Mario Badescu

Mario Badescu is a great affordable skincare brand out there, and this is one of their most selling products. It is non-comedogenic in nature (doesn’t clog pores) and quickly absorbs into the skin, so it doesn't feel like it is suffocating you.



  1. Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer by Glow Recipe

Rich in amino acids and vitamins, this moisturizer makes your skin so plump and soft, you will love it! Since this is 100% oil-free, those with oily skin or oily T-zone can make use of this watermelon-extract moisturizer. The antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals and lock the moisture for the entire day.


Following are some recommendations for the best Serums:

  1. Pineapple-C Bright Serum by Glow Recipe

If you are looking for vitamin C skincare serum, pick this one without a doubt. Containing a natural and organic form of vitamin C in the shape of pineapple extract, this serum will clear your skin like glass! The pure Ascorbic acid and stable 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic acid will combat the acne scars and existing hyperpigmentation, the two most common skincare issues.



  1. Vitamin A Serum by Mad Hippie

This one is primarily an exfoliating serum, which aids in evening out your skin tone through a dose of vitamin A. the citric acid helps penetrate other skincare products into the skin since the serum is usually the first thing you apply when you begin your skincare regime. It is a perfect choice for dehydrated and dull skin that you have lost all hope in.


  1. Serum by Mario Badescu

The name pretty much sums up the focus of this serum: to make your face acne-free! One of the best natural skincare serums, this salicylic acid-based serum will not disappoint you. It helps in dissolving dead skin cells and removing any debris that may be blocking your pores. It’s anti-bacterial, and antiseptic properties will keep pimples miles away from your face!



  1. Age-Repair Serum by Grown Alchemist

Worried about those fine lines around your eyes? This anti-aging skincare serum has got you covered. Be it frown lines, crow's feet, or nasolabial folds, all of those will be gone soon after you start using this serum. Peptides 8 & 6, combined with Exo-polysaccharides E-2 and E-14, quickly transform the plumping lines and restores the skin's hydration levels as well. You can smile without having to worry about making smile lines visible and prominent.



Using serum or a moisturizer is, at the end of the day, your decision to make, so choose wisely based on your skin type, skin issues, and what ingredients suit your skin the best!