I Woke Up Like This - Best Night Creams

Whoever posts their morning pictures with perfect even-toned skin and glowing cheeks and captions it, ‘I woke up like this’, it is a lie and we all know it. Yes, it is called beauty sleep, but it does not literally mean you wake up looking all gorgeous and ready to head out, well at least not most of us. However, it is not natural either to look all worn out with dark circles and spots the next day when you see yourself in the mirror. This is where night creams step in, we all have come across articles telling you that night creams do not really work but take it from a dermatologist, it does wonders for your skin if applied regularly. As soon as you get home after a tiring day, you want to hit the pillow as soon as possible(we’ve all been there) but take two minutes for your skin and apply the night cream placed on your bedside table, it will go a long way! Before we dive into the specifics of night creams, let me explain some overall benefits of night creams:

  • Conveniently absorbed: our skin goes through a lot during the day; UV rays, pollution, makeup and what not and so the damage done during the day is repaired at night by our skin cells. When the skin lets its guards down at night, it is the best time to apply a night cream to aid the process of healing. The cream gets absorbed quickly despite being thick in density.


  • Keeps your hydration level in check: no matter how many times you wash your face during the day, it will never be enough to fully hydrate your skin. Cleanser might do something, but your best shot is a night cream since it sits on your skin for the entire night, so it is bound to be more effective as the nutrients get more time to penetrate.


  • Helps blood circulation: when you gently massage your skin with a night cream, it helps blood flow which means more oxygen containing nutrients will reach your face - causing faster cell regeneration and repairing existing cells. Pro tip: massage in circular upward motion to help the skin absorb better and prevent saggy skin.


  • Friendly for most skin: Although there are different night creams for different skin types, they are known to be soothing and comforting in nature. Unless you have a particular skin problem or disease, it works perfectly fine with most allergies and doesn’t aggravate skin issues like eczema. It purifies skin inside out with the least amount of effort.


  • Goodbye dark circles!: Isn’t it everyone's dream to get rid of those dark patches around your eyes once and for all? We know that at times it is nearly impossible to get a good 8-hour sleep with all the work piling on us and keeping a social life - so the closest alternative is to apply the night cream as much as you can. You will notice the dark circles fading away and getting lighter in just a few days.


  • 24/7 glow: Yes, the ads exaggerate the face glow in the creams ad, but it would be unfair to deny the fact that night creams do make your skin glow and make it look fresh. Sure, makeup helps but it cannot beat the natural glow, can it?


Now that we have established that night creams are a big essential, let's dig deep into the best night creams that suit your skin type and age as well.


1- Tangerine & Calendula Healing Light Night Cream by Kimberly Sayer

If you are looking for the best night cream for acne prone skin, this is it. The ingredients are put together to heal acne scars and prevent future breakouts. The essential oils and sea algae extract it contains helps a great deal to even out the blemishes and create an internal cleansing process and at the same time, detoxifies your skin to let it breathe. It also keeps hyperpigmentation in control as well so go for it.


2- Rejuvenating Night Cream by Omorovicza

This is, without a doubt, one of the best night creams for dry skin out there. Being someone with dry skin myself, I always keep an eye out for creams that make my skin plump and this one definitely does the job. The hazelnut peptides it has rejuvenates the skin and keeps your skin hydrated even in dry seasons like winters when nothing else really helps. Apply it to your face and neck every day after washing your face.


3- Age Correction Elastine Nuit Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream by Yonka

Aging is one of the worst fears of women out there because who would not want to look young forever, right? Unfortunately, those wrinkle lines and saggy skin give away your youth sooner than you would like but nothing to worry about, we have got you covered. This cream by Yonka passes for one of the best anti-aging night creams to get hold of. It might hurt your bank account a little, but you will know it’s worth every penny when you see the results! The 19 essential amino acids keep your skin’s elasticity intact and remove fine lines effectively.


These are some of the best night creams brands we have tried and reviewed by many so you cannot really go wrong with it. Keep your dermatologist in the loop with whatever you apply on your skin, so it does not react aggressively or cause an allergic reaction (highly unlikely but still). The night creams cannot do any harm so why not give it a shot, right? The bottom line is to make night creams an essential part of your night time regime.