Few Reasons Why Your Face is Red

How often do your friends randomly tell you that your face is turning red? (not the times when you are angry at them haha). While you may not take it seriously and just wash up your skin with cold water and forget about it, your skin may actually be burning because of red acne on your face. Redness is just a symptom that is hinting that you have underlying skin problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible before it aggravates. For the time being, you might brush it off or think it's just your blush but it's important to know “red face causes”. Ever wonder ‘why does my face get so red’? Here are some of the common reasons behind redness:

- Rosacea:

You might have heard of this condition before since a lot of people have it as it is environmentally triggered; be it excessive heat exposure, food intake that you’re allergic to or if you are just stressed out (which most of us are sigh). It is usually just the redness but unless it is taken care of on time, it may lead to tiny bumps on the face.

 - Eczema:

It is a form of rash that appears out of the blue unlike rosacea which gets triggered externally. It may appear anywhere on the face but under-eye area is more vulnerable generally. Along with the redness, that patch of the skin may be a bit itchy and dry. The burning sensation and the pinkness will not go away easily, unfortunately.


- Contact Dermatitis:

The most common reason behind redness is this one. It basically happens when a substance foreign to your skin like cosmetic items or skincare products reacts on your face and your body rejects it, causing the redness. Either your skin had an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients of the product or your immune system is weak (which can be improved) so it completely depends on which of the above caused it to identify whether the redness will always appear with the use of that product.


- Over-exfoliation:

If your skincare regime includes strong exfoliators, you may want to get rid of those, especially if your skin is already sensitive and dehydrated. Over exfoliation may make your skin more vulnerable to attack by bacteria, causing inflammation.

While you may wish to (and should) consult a dermatologist, some common remedies and skincare products that people have tried already may help ease acne redness drastically. Following are some suggestions:


- Anti-Redness Cream:

Yonka Specifics Anti-Redness Cream contains centella asiatica and mirabilis jalapa-ingredients that are known to reduce acne redness permanently of all types. Its natural ingredients are free of reactants like perfume and essential oils to give your skin a smooth surface without causing allergic reaction. It is approved by various dermatologists to be effective for rash and redness on the skin to remove any doubts from the reader’s mind. Since it is non comedogenic, your pores won’t be clogged by it at all.

Yonka Specifics Anti-Redness Cream


Another super effective cream is Fitglow Beauty Redness Rescue Cream. The seaweed extract in it helps protect the skin against environmental stressors which causes rosacea, as discussed above. It provides a protective layer on the face and at the same time, make your skin firm and tight!

Fitglow Beauty Redness Rescue Cream



- Hydrating Cream:

Joanna Vargas Daily Hydrating Cream is the best anti-redness cream out there for dry and dehydrated skin. Gone are the days when just an increase in water consumption could fulfil your skin’s water needs; hydrating creams have your back! The fact that it is so lightweight lets your skin breathe while it moisturizes it with the help of multi minerals and vitamins that have a lasting impact. The scent of coconut milk makes your skin so refreshing, you’ll forget all about the redness!

Joanna Vargas Daily Hydrating Cream



- Tinted Stick:

While the above mentioned products are for long term solution, sometimes you need a quick makeover to remove redness when you have to attend a party or go for an important meeting in an hour and that’s when a tinted stick will come handy. Trestique Tinted Face Stick is perfect for the job. It is a cream-gel that provides coverage from thin to thick, depending on the severity of redness on your face. It blends so well that it wouldn’t even seem like you have something on your skin and at the same time will hide the rash patches as if they didn’t exist in the first place.

Trestique Tinted Face Stick