Top Rated Skin Toners That You Need to Try

I am sure, like most of us, you would have heard friends or beauty bloggers say that toners are underrated and that is if they even talk about toners. Either people are unaware of the benefits of a toner or they simply choose to ignore and don’t want to change the current beauty regime they follow.


We have researched the big question, we all need the answer for: Are toners necessary for skin care? Before I dive into answering the question, it is important to know what a toner is. A toner is a water-based liquid that essentially contains wholesome ingredients like aloe vera and peppermint – it helps refresh and hydrate your skin and exfoliate it deeply, down to the pores. No one paid much attention to it until K-Beauty taught us that a toner is an essential item and soon many of us added it to our bag of must-have beauty products. If you are wondering what a tone does for your face then you have come to the right place because we’ll be listing down 5 reasons why you should use a toner:

1- Maintains skin’s PH level: Your skin’s ph level should ideally be somewhere between 5 and 6 but sometimes due to external factors like pollution and your diet, the skin’s acidic to alkaline ratio gets disturbed. To restore natural ph level, your skin might get super oily or dry in the process and that is where a toner steps in; it aids your body in balancing ph levels so your skin doesn’t have to suffer as a consequence. Sometimes even your cleanser could throw your skin’s acidic level off the track.

2- Hydrates and smooths: The traditional toners were often alcohol based and people were a little hesitant to use those to hydrate the skin but you don’t have to worry anymore because latest toners are alcohol-free and contain other ingredients to remove excess oil from the pores. Dry skin means that your skin won’t absorb all the minerals properly from your other beauty serums so you can imagine how significant it is if you don’t want to see all your efforts go down the drain.

3- Removes dirt particles: In the world we live in today, it is impossible to protect your skin from small dirt particles that stick to your skin and clog up your pores. Cleansing might help clearing your skin from the dust and dirt, but it is very likely that some of the debris will be left behind post your cleansing so apply toner right afterwards so that it can pick up the leftover particles. Make sure you apply it before any night creams or serums because otherwise it would be a total waste. It also helps in getting rid of makeup residue and dead skin cells.

4- Reduce acne breakouts: Yes, it does have solutions to most of your skin problems and that’s a relief, right? You don’t have to load up your skin with dozens of products, each for a different problem because toner has got you covered! It minimizes regular appearances of tiny red bumps and even lowers the intensity of the breakout so that it doesn’t leave scars or doesn’t hurt to touch like it usually does. Not just acne, it prevents whiteheads and blackheads from reappearing as well.

5- Improves effectiveness of skincare products: As I mentioned before, there is no use in putting the hydration creams and face masks on your face if their ingredients won’t get absorbed by your skin. Toner helps clean the way for these products so that pores are open and clean to absorb vital minerals and vitamins in time.


Getting your hands on the right toner is very important for the results to be effective and the toner to suit your skin. Following are some toners that you absolutely cannot go wrong with:

Lotus & Orange Blossom Bio Affinity Toner by Pai Skincare

This one is a good face toner for acne and imbalanced skin in general.  The synthetic ingredients it contains make sure that your skin’s ph level is within a normal range and simultaneously keeps your face hydrated and calm with multivitamins. The ‘living water’ extracted from the lotus is a key ingredient which evens out your skin tone and protects your skin against dust and other environmental stressors out there. Plus, it's 100% alcohol free and causes no irritation or burning sensation at all!


Essentials | PS Dry Skin Toner Mist by YONKA

This little bottle of pure skin face toner should be on your list for skincare products. The 5 aromatic essential oils it contains surely does their job effectively because it makes your skin toned and energised for the whole day! This lotion has healing properties for dry, patchy skin since it's rich in vegetal glycerine which keeps your skin hydrated at all times. Spray some drops after cleansing at night and let your skin absorb for a minute before you apply other serums and creams. You will feel the difference overnight, trust me.


Glycolic Acid Toner Mario Badescu

Without a doubt, it's one of the best skin toners for aging skin up for grabs. Working overnight or pulling an all-nighter for an exam can make your skin look tired and dull and with everything else going on, you might not have time for skin problems and care for it properly. This toner alone will take care of your skin; glycolic acid and grapefruit extract helps get rid of discolouration and scarring. Not just that, those wrinkle lines that have become a permanent part of your face will be gone just after a few days of usage because of its exfoliation properties. 

A toner might be a great addition to your skincare as it hydrates, treats and brings skin back to its naturally acidic state. Make toner a permanent part of your beauty regime and see the difference for yourself!