Tips on How to Find Your Signature Fragrance

There is more to perfumes than just a good smell and an expensive fancy bottle; people who have worked in this industry often claim that fragrances have a powerful impact on people. Ever smelt a perfume and it took you down memory lane into your childhood? Yes, perfumes have the power to trigger memories and remind you of a particular situation or a person.

Similarly, we humans associate fragrances with people, be it good or bad - we might think it was our intuition to tell who just entered the house without looking at them, but it is usually because our minds remember people with how their body smells. Not just that, perfumes can be used to reinforce your personality or be someone you are originally not. For example, a splash of a strong smell can bring out your lost confidence and cheer you up instantly! Don’t be afraid to pick up a bottle of womens and mens fragrance, choose what speaks to you - no sense in diving fragrances! While everyone has a signature fragrance, it takes a while to find one, and for a newbie who doesn't have any idea how to go about buying perfumes, the following are some tips to find the best signature fragrance for yourself:

1. Perfumes are usually made in a 3-tiered composition: head, heart, and base notes. Typically, headnotes, which lasts for an hour or so, are made from light, breezy floral notes. Similarly, heart notes consist of herbs and spices, and lastly, base notes (the most important) are made up of strong notes like woods and vanilla. Base notes interact with your skin is what you end up smelling, so you must check its composition to see whether you want a lighter fragrance or strong before buying a perfume.


2. Pick a perfume according to your lifestyle: if you have a desk job, florals smells may not suit you since they put you at ease and make you sleepy, and you wouldn't want your boss to find you napping in the middle of the day, right? Similarly, what you eat greatly affects how a fragrance would smell on you. For example, if you are into spicy food, avoid light smells. Weather also plays a huge role, scorching heat and body sweat? - you may want something strong and lasting.


3. Try the perfume on your skin: I can’t stress this enough that perfumes smell very different on a piece of paper than on your body, so do not ever get one by just smelling it from the bottle. Perfume may smell different from person to another because of the hormonal changes we go through, so make sure to test it, preferably on your wrist, before making a purchase.


4. Have a fragrance in mind: when you go to a shop without any idea about the kind of fragrance you're interested in buying, you'll end up trying dozens of perfumes and confused. Smelling different fragrances cause an olfactory blur, so do your research beforehand and have a type in mind before you enter the shop. Pro tip: sniff some coffee beans (the shops have those) between smelling different fragrances to avoid olfactory blur.


5. Moisturize your skin before applying the perfume, it locks the fragrance! Any sort of moisturizer will work as long as it hydrates your skin and does not clog up your pores too much.


6. Eau De Toilette or Eau De Parfum: people often get confused between the two, but the difference between the two is rather a simple one; EDP has a lasting effect (up to 8 hours approximately) and EDT mostly consist of top notes which may come off strong at first but fades away within a couple of hours.

When you head out for perfume shopping, you would not be lost entirely because we have got you covered! The following are some recommendations of the best unique fragrances out there:


This, undoubtedly, is one of the best women’s fragrances out there. It is a luxury scent that oozes richness and delicacy. The warmth it leaves behind makes you feel good about your body, and we all could use a little of that. It is the first true citrus scent inspired by the 70's era, bringing with it a burst of optimism and energy.
West Eau De Parfum by ELLIS BROOKLYN


If you are on the look for fresh scent women’s perfume, look no more. The blend of iris and musk adds a kind of beauty in the smell that you will not be able to forget. It has a fragrance that leaves a lasting impact with just one little spray, unlike other perfumes that need to be refreshed every hour or so. The energetic vibe that it brings out is all you need to survive the day, sometimes without worrying too much about your perfume fading away.

She Was an Anomaly by Etat Libre d'Orange 

This fragrance will completely change your opinion of vanilla-based perfumes. The mixture of vanilla beans and citrus gives the scent a sexy touch that makes you addicted to it. This unisex perfume oozes brilliance and keeps you active all day long. Ellis Brooklyn is considered one of the best fragrance brands in Canada, so you must check it out!

Sci Fi Eau De Parfum by ELLIS BROOKLYN


My advice to you is, don’t take your signature fragrance lightly as it becomes a part of who you are. People recognize and associate you with the scent you carry. Instead of switching back and forth from perfumes, use one that suits you!


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