How to Keep Your Locks Hydrated?

I used to hold myself responsible for my dry, weak, dehydrated hair until I realized the effect of weather on our hair. Cold, harsh, and dry weather of Alberta can take out all moisture from our hair and unlike warm weather that makes our scalp oily. Dry weather can cause dandruff, flakey scalp, and dehydrated hair roots. It means that to prevent such bad hair and scalp conditions we need to switch to more hydrating and nourishing products when it’s dry and harsh outside.  Consistent styling can damage our hair and dry out its natural moisture. So, there’s much more to understand about dry hair. For this purpose, you have to take matters into your own hands to keep your locks healthy!

Check out a few of our tips focusing on how to moisturize hair and recover the natural softness of dry hair:

Always keep your scalp and hair clean:

The first step to moisturizing locks starts with your shampoo. Choose a shampoo that promises nourishment, apply and massage from root to tip, then rinse thoroughly to get rid of any residue - since your scalp can get irritated in case there is leftover shampoo.  

Increase your water intake:

Your body needs so much water to maintain the fluid balance in your body and properly lubricate your organs and muscles. Drinking at least 100 ounces of water a day will not only detoxify your body but also helps in deep hydration of your skin and hair.

Healthy eating:

Adding healthy protein to your diet is essential in keeping your locks healthy and nurtured. A healthy diet, including organic tofu, soybean, lentils, chickpeas, nuts, organic meat and eggs, contains vitamins, essential nutrients, and most importantly proteins. These protein-rich supplements act as a source of biotin and keratins that are responsible for the health and growth of your hair.

We focused on finding the best hair conditioners there is to bring moisture to our hair. You already wash your hair every few days, might as well add the perfect conditioner - the cherry on top!

Ambrosia Conditioner by Earth’s Nectar:

This is one of the best conditioners for dry hair because of the Rosehip Oil which helps to replenish & moisturize dry hair. Enriched with a mix of grapefruit and mandarin essential oil, it promises to deeply cleanse your hair. It’s lemon and chamomile extracts help bring a natural shine to your rough hair and its aloe and wheat extracts help reduce frizz and define the natural shape of your curls. To top it off it acts as a delicious fragrance, gently deodorizes your scalp, and helps to prevent dandruff and dryness.




True Color Conditioner by Rita Hazan:

This formula is specially designed for color-treated hair, one of the best hair conditioners for bleached hair if you ask us. Its color-protecting formula moisturizes your hair without bringing any changes to its weight. Infused with Japanese Camellia Oil, it leaves each strand feeling silky and manageable. Rita’s fade-defying complex protects hair color from harmful UV rays. It provides protection against the damage caused by factors like blow-drying, heat tools, and the environment. It also prevents breakage while providing lustrous sheen and protection.



Haute Performance Conditioner Iles Formula:  

 This paraben-free formula instantly transforms stramineous hair into deluxe silk perfection, this is why it's nominated to be the best hair conditioner for rough hair. Iles formula instantaneously repairs even the most damaged hair, it consists of silk proteins from Japan that create an immediate effect on your hair providing them with shine and helping you to get rid of unruly hair. It is enriched with organic ingredients like Tucuman Palm and the seeds of the Macro bola Tree from the Amazon Rain Forest. Vitamin E and B5 along with 16 other refined ingredients are also a part of this conditioner which works for complete restoration and growth of your hair.



Mermaid Hair Oil Captain Blankenship:

This natural hair moisturizer is a dazzling amalgamation of nourishing organic plant oils that provides locks with glim, moisture, and sleekness. This hair oil competes for the atmosphere and shampooing reactions on hair which makes them frangible and kinky. Its ingredients include Camellia Seed Oil that has vitamins A, B, C, and E along with essential fatty acids and leaves hair giving out a beautiful shine and being frizz-free. Organic Argan Oil prevents split ends, adding up to their resilience. Organic Jojoba Oil performs the task of moisturizing the scalp along with providing thickness to hair. Not to mention this oil smells amazing!



Black Reserve Body and Hair Cleanser by Jack Black:

Let’s not forget about the men in our lives! Black Reserve Body and Hair Cleanser by Jack Black is a hair moisturizer for men. It is a 2-in-1 product that provides one with a body and hair cleanser. It contains an infusion of natural sulfate-free agents that help in retaining the moisture of skin and hair without causing the loss of crucial moisture.