Hair Care Essentials for Men

Unless you are a professional, it’s sometimes difficult to know the differences between all hair care products. Ranging from cleansers to conditioners, treatments, styling agents and more - what is really the it routine for you? If you have a husband like mine, he isn’t really fussy about following a particular hair care routine as he steals my hair care products! It is easier to grab my hair products but are those items targeted to his hair? No! I have to deal with dry, curly, wild, lion king vibes hair and he has oily, short, straight hair - probably not the best match to share hair care.

It’s important to tailor a proper hair care routine to not only get the results you want, but just overall promote healthy hair from root to tip. After many talks with my husband and a couple of cool barbers from around the city, we’ve come up with a few hair care product options for men. Remember, choosing a cleanser, conditioner and styling item will get you set up for your essentials - no need to over do it.


This is a simple and clean option to consider, it’s boosted with aloe vera and promises to leave hair to be healthier, lustrous, and milky. Aloe vera has proteolytic enzymes which contributes to repairing the scalp. It acts as a conditioner that moisturizes the scalp preventing dandruff and itching.



This cleansing thickening paste is a shampoo especially made for ones with fine or thinning hair. This is a clean formula that is concentrated with pure rassoul clay which gently absorbs impurities that suffocate the scalp and brings life to your roots with a little volume. 



For those guys who want more from their cleanser here is a bi-functional sulfate-free hair and body cleanser. Its ingredients include eucalyptus, rosemary, green tea, and sunflower seed oil. Rosemary and green tea stimulates the hair growth while preventing hair loss and graying of hair. Sunflower Seed Oil has oleic acid which prevents dandruff and helps cure an itchy scalp. This body and hair cleanser is sulfate-free that impressively cleans your skin and hair without dehydrating.



For those blessed with long, luscious, Fabio hair we advise to always comb your hair before and after hopping in the shower. And instead of rubbing your towel aggressively on your scalp, gently pat your towel on your hair to remove excess water.


A favourite of ours in the Classic Shampoo by Aesop. For those who need to wash their hair frequently, this is a mild formulation that has a blend of oils of cedarwood bark and juniper berry to give you a thorough cleanse while hydrating and soften the strands with hydrolysed vegetable protein. Pair it with the Classic Conditioner to maintain exceptionally soft hair.




These rules apply for all hair types - minimize the usage of hair styling products and heat as much as you can. Using a lot of hair products can suffocate your strands causing product build up, dandruff, and even hair loss. If you are going to use styling products, make sure to find the cleanest forms of it as possible to support your hair’s health while styling your hair.



This is a gentle hair paste that will not leave your hair hard or crunchy - packed with nourishing raw ingredients like aloe vera, beeswax, sunflower seed oil, and cacao butter for a softer texture. It is a great product for both men and women either having long or short hair!



If you are going to use heat on a daily basis you may want to consider a strong protectant. This bonding oil will shield your strands up to 450°F while bringing out a healthy shine and frizz free finish.


  • Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse by Nuxe Paris


This item you probably never thought to get your man to try but this dry oil can be a godsend as it’s multi-purpose, body and hair to nurture, repair, and enhance. It includes almond oil which is a natural antioxidant, makes hair strong, and combats hair breakage. Orange blossom performs the function of providing hair with lustrous shine along with giving out the sweet scent. Vanilla pod works up a healthy environment for proper hair growth, where camellia seed oil retains moisture of the scalp.