How to Make Your Hair Extensions Last Longer

Your extensions are an investment. Whether they’re clip-ins, tapes, microbeads, or anything in between, we all know how expensive it can get replacing the hair every few months! Save yourself hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by following these simple tips and tricks! 

Go Sulfate-Free

Finding a reliable shampoo that meets our hair care needs can be tricky, especially when it comes to extensions! The key is to find a reputable sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo - after all, it all starts with step one: your shampoo!


We have some great news for you! Iles Formula, created by world renowned hair stylist, Wendy Iles, has brought her expertise to the hair care game with this revolutionary formula. The Shampoo Haute Performance was created using the most antioxidant-rich ingredients that benefit all hair types for people of all ages. Designed to protect, detangle, nourish, and volumize the hair, this shampoo does it all! Protect your hair, both natural and extensions, with an industry leading formula that is sure to protect and extend the longevity of your hair extensions!

Protect your Hair Extensions

Keep your hair looking Instagram-ready with the best-selling conditioner from the Iles Formula Collection. The Conditioner Haute Performance lives up to its name! This conditioner has been put to the test on celebrities and used on the most prestigious movie sets in Hollywood and beyond! It has been proven to repair and revitalize even the most dry and damaged hair instantaneously. Specially designed Japanese silk proteins will have your extensions breathing new life! Say goodbye to dry damaged ends with the Iles Formula conditioner, Vitamin E proteins act as a key ingredient, which is an essential part of the overall look for healthy hair! This vitamin can also aid with overall hair growth as well, so while you treat your extensions, you are also encouraging healthy hair growth and repair!

Essential Hair Extension Care Tips + Tricks 

The Iles Formula collection wouldn’t be complete without this luxurious treat for your hair. The Haute Performance Mask was developed as a treat for your total hair care routine. This hair mask was developed to strengthen and nourish your hair extensions with raw ingredients selected with the same care and attention as the Haute Performance Shampoo and Conditioner. 

Treat your scalp and hair to the luxury it deserves with sought after worldwide ingredients like Tucuma butter and Pracaxia extract sourced from the Amazon Rainforest, the highest quality silk proteins from Japan, pure nut oils from Australia, and essential Vitamin E, panthenol, and Vitamin B. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to ensure your hair’s health! 

What is Panthenol? 

Panthenol is chemically derived from Vitamin B5 - think of it as the superhero of Vitamin B5! Both panthenol and vitamin B5 come from pantothenic acid which is a naturally occurring chemical we have in our own bodies and can be derived from many organic plant substances. It’s been proven that the inclusion of panthenol helps restore your hair’s strength, shine, and silkiness! Because of this, it is a highly sought after product in both hair care and skin care! In addition to restoring and strengthening hair, some studies have also concluded that panthenol can also help slow and reduce thinning hair - so if you have extensions due to hair loss, Iles Formula has proven ingredients that will give you and your hair that extra boost! 


The Finer Things in Life Include Your Hair! 

Shampoo? Check. 
Conditioner? Check. 
Hair Mask? Check.
Complete your routine with the Iles Formula Finishing Serum! Treat your hair to nothing but the best with this weightless, vitamin-rich formula that will protect your hair from heat damage and environmental changes. Fun Fact: UV rays also affect your hair’s health! Protect your hair extensions from the elements with a paraben-free formula that helps strengthen, restore, and prevent split ends and colour-treated hair!

For our colour-treated bleached babes, we understand how careful you need to be with your hair! Incorporate this serum into your hair care routine, and protect your damaged hair while reviving it with Tucuma Butter, Macadamia nut oils, panthenol, and silk proteins. Tucuma Butter, sourced from the Amazon, is renowned for its rich content of polyphenols. Tucuma Seed Butter helps combat the effects of heat damaged and colour-treated hair, and is full of good-for-you fatty acids to protect and moisturize every hair type.

With a light floral scent, the Iles Finishing Serum is a must-have serum to keep in rotation!

No More Bad Hair Days! 

It doesn’t always have to take a village, or in this case an army of trained hair stylists, to achieve the best hair day! Iles Formula has truly revolutionized your ability to achieve the same salon-quality hair minus the appointment!  For best results and your best looking hair, we recommend using the complete Iles Formula hair care system: Shampoo Haute Performance, Conditioner Haute Performance and Finishing Serum.