Duke Cannon Review: 5 Best Premium Men’s Grooming Products

Gone are the days when little attention or options were offered to men's grooming products. A grooming routine may not come easy to all, so a brand that has all the tools may help solve your problems is music to everyone's ears. All supplies needed to make the most of your grooming routine are all offered by Duke Cannon Supply, as it offers simple high-quality ingredients to the most hard-working men - all made in the USA. Their sense of hard work and respect to pay it forward to the community, family, and the country is what makes us love this brand so much more. Here are a few of our favorites that we want to highlight:


The Duke Cannon man does not spend all his time on the computer, he spends his time hard at work - using his hands. To bring those hard-working hands back to life, this lightly scented citrus rough cut brick of soap is made with pumice to thoroughly cleanse your hands. Inspired after the soap supplied to GIs during the Vietnam War.


Soap on a Rope bundle contains a Tactical Body Scrubber and Big Ass Brick of Soap - you can choose from 9 different scents for your soap. The tactical scrubbing pouch helps keep the soap off the ground and in your reach. It’s also excellent to scrub your hands and feet with its coarse mesh, offering also a softer exfoliating side for the more sensitive areas.


News Anchor Power Clean Charcoal Shampoo by Duke Cannon is developed to clear out the daily grind from hair. Refresh and hydrate the scalp and seep into roots to make them feel refreshed. Enriched with charcoal, it pulls out all the dust, oil, and sebum that sits on the scalp and hinders your hair growth and hampers their quality. Charcoal lets your hair breathe at the roots. It does not contain any kind of harsh phthalates or parabens. In short, this Duke Cannon Shampoo is ideal for daily use.


Made with natural and organic ingredients, this is the best duke cannon scent in our opinion. Beeswax and Rosemary containing this solid cologne swiftly melts at your fingertips for precise application. Its aroma relieves stress and improves mood, clearing the mind. So, just gently rub your fingers over the cologne and apply to your all pulse points, neck and wrists. This tin is abiding and can last long even with multiple applications per day.


Exposure to harmful UV rays can turn your lips chapped and dry within some hours. Therefore, this duke cannon lip balm with SPF 30 technology is designed in such a way that it can withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees. It is made up of all-natural ingredients beeswax, baobab oil, blood orange, and stevia. This lip protectant not only hydrates your lips but also provides a protective layer against any further damage. It provides your lips a soft plumpy look. It is nearly four times in size as compared to standard lip balms, thus, ideal for daily use.