7 Grooming Must-Haves for Men

The days are gone when men didn’t own any beauty or hair care products and all the bathroom shelves belonged to their wives or girlfriends - they no longer rely on the face washes their other halves use. Men have become much more aware and careful about their skin and care what they apply to their skin now. The men's body care products market is growing day by day as more men step into the habit of following a grooming regime. It’s important to tailor a routine that works specifically for their needs and wants - so good news your skin care may actually last you a little longer since they will be getting their own after reading this! Plenty of research has been done as to what ingredients particularly suit men and enhance their overall wellbeing. That information has been used by multiple brands to make sure men have access to a range of essentials for their hair, beard, and so on. While there are hundreds of options we asked around a few cool dudes around us and this is what they came up with:


1- Face wash:

It is time for you to stop washing your face with regular bar soap, which is definitely going to make your skin super rough and can potentially trigger your acne. Regular bar soap can make your skin feel tight and really does not help draw in or retain moisture. The switch from soap to face wash is pretty easy, actually face washes are more effective and take less time (if you are one of those who miss out on washing face to catch the bus). Working Man's Face Wash by Duke Cannon is a great face wash, it cleans up your face from all the dirt and grime, especially if you work outdoors, and has a long lasting refreshing citrus scent.


2- Sunscreen:

No matter how much we stress the importance of sunscreen in your life, it won’t be enough! The sunburns that you get from daily exposure to sun and UV rays have a lasting damaging impact, to say the least. The UV rays cause premature aging of the skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots. Mineral Body Sunscreen Lotion by COOLA is a hydrating, chemical-free formula that is suitable for the most sensitive skin. The non-greasy formula disperses minerals evenly, and it's so lightweight, you wouldn’t feel things on your face!



3- Trimmer:

Truth is.. not everyone looks good in a clean shave (we all know someone), so the alternative is to go to a barbershop and get it trimmed. A trimmer will save you a lot of time and money and spare you from making trips to the salon every week. You have a meeting the next day, and your beard looks a little rough? It will take two minutes with your trimmer to get it back in shape. It can trim your ear hair as well since it grows very quickly for some men and doesn’t look so good overgrown.


4- Deodorant:

We all know how important it is to carry deodorant with us, especially men since they sweat more at all times. A deodorant will keep your body fresh and aromatic all day. Herbal Deodorant by Aesop is one of the best men’s body care products. With the formulation of zinc and essential oils, it significantly reduces underarm odor with a clean formulation.



5- Styling cream:

There is nothing better than seeing a guy with perfectly styled hair. Finding the styling cream that suits your hair can take a few trials as most products make your hair very dry and rough, especially for those with curly hair. Luscious Curl Cream with Flaxseed Oil by Christophe Robin this cream will make your hairstyling so easy and quick that you will stop dreading the process the next time you want to step out for a date! Composed with 99% organic ingredients, it profoundly nurtures the hair fiber like no other.



6- Hand Creams:

Grooming your hands is as important as any other body part, so make sure you trim your nails and apply hand cream daily. With the arrival of coronavirus, we wash our hands way more than we used to, so a good hand cream can keep your hands hydrated. Fresh Air Hand Cream by Beekman 1802 will make your hands super soft and refreshingly moisturized with a citrus fragrance.



7- Cologne:

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that what cologne a man wears says a lot about him. How you smell is part of your first impression, a good cologne brings confidence that you didn’t know existed. Bourbon Solid Cologne by Duke Cannon is a concentrated cologne in a solid form that melts immediately in your fingers. It has a woodsy oak barrel scent that would take you down the lane of nostalgia. Made with organic ingredients, it’s a fool-proof smell that you can’t really go wrong with. It is not very expensive for a cologne and lasts a long time!