5 Eyebrow Pencils That We Can’t Get Enough Of

Eyebrow pencils have become a makeup essential (here to #eyebrowsonfleek) in recent times and are a total game-changer for your look. I am sure we all have spent hours in front of a mirror, trying to pluck out extra hair from eyebrows, so both look the same, and all this time you just needed an eyebrow pencil to make your life easier. Whether you have super bushy eyebrows or a thin line, a pencil works in both cases - unlike what is commonly believed that it's only to make your eyebrows look fuller and thicker (well, yes, that too but not just that).

All in all use an eyebrow pencil to bring symmetry to your face - creating a finished look. This will definitely make you feel like you have brought your eyebrow game to be on point. Trust your favourite makeup influencers and favourite makeup artists when they say a professional eyebrow pencil is your go-to makeup product.

Not everyone is a pencil lover - so here is our PSA to make you one! Here are a few tricks and tips about eyebrow pencils that you may wanna try out:

  • It is important that you choose the right color for your brow pencil - too dark a shade can make you seem a little over the top, and too light of a color might not even be visible enough. The pencil's color and your hair don't have to precisely match, sometimes brown eyebrow pencil for black eyebrows gets the job done, so go with the one that suits. The general rule of thumb is to test it on your forearm before buying to get a better idea.


  • Before you pick up the pencil, choose the right brow shape for your face. It is crucial that you figure out what looks good on you and the look you want to create. Generally, for rounder faces, an arched eyebrow makes your eyes pop out and define your eye makeup in a way that balances your overall look. You would not want your brows to be too edgy for square cut faces, so round off the arches a bit to avoid giving too sharp a look. Lucky for oval faced people, you can experiment with your eyebrows because it's hard to go wrong with a face cut like this but don’t fill them up too much.


  • Identify the shape of your eyes first, typically it is better for wide-set eyes to keep the brows natural and add very less product on it (don't pluck too much either). For eyes that are close together, keep the gap between your eyebrows minimum to intensify the closeness. You might want to extend your brows a bit along the close-set eyes.


  • This one is super important to remember: get your eyebrows waxed or threaded before you start with a pencil. A common mistake that people make is to think of pencil as an alternative for eyebrow grooming, but it does not work like that! The extra hair on the brows cannot be hidden no matter how dark you color the brow or how thick you make it. If anything, it can make your face all the messier.


  • Some makeup products like concealer and highlighter really compliment your eyebrow work. A concealer can fix minor errors that you made while drawing or filling the brows and on the other hand, a highlighter can really emphasize your look when you apply it around the arches.


There are a hundred different brands out there selling eyebrow pencils, and for someone who is unsure where to start, it can be really difficult to pick a pencil. Having the right pencil makes all the difference so the following are some highly recommended eyebrow pencils:

1- Eyebrow Pencil by Blinc:

This one is undoubtedly one of the best dark brown eyebrow pencils out there. The precision tip on one side of it helps with filling the eyebrows and outlining the shape. On the other side, a brush gives your brows a natural look, so it doesn’t look too made up or fake. This pencil is super blendable so you don't have to worry about your brows looking cakey and dark - it mixes well with the hair. The fact that its smudge-proof means you can last an entire day with a single application (yay!).

Eyebrow Pencil by Blinc:


2- Urban Decay Brow Blade:

This dual ended pencil is what has been missing from your makeup bag; the buildable colour and the well-defined brush makes the perfect shape out of your brow. It is smudge-proof and very easy to apply even if you don’t have steady hands. The nib of the pencil is robust enough for you to carry it in your purse.

 Urban Decay Brow Blade



3- Revlon Colorstay Brow Pencil

The spoolie brush for blending and grooming makes it all the more convenient to bring a finishing to your brows after applying pencil. It fills out the gaps in your eyebrows so well that you won’t be able to tell if it's actual hair or just the colour. Plus, it is perfect to make the arches that are not too pointy or round.


4- Eyebrow Pencil | Blonde by Antonym

This pencil creates real-looking hair strokes that can be mistaken for actual hair. It has a dry texture and is waterproof, so if you sweat a lot, have the habit of touching your face, or have oily skin, this is perfect for you. For people with lighter shaded hair, this eyebrow pencil is best for light brown hair particularly but can go with other light shades as well. The best part about this pencil is that you can control the depth you want to add, some pencils, even if you just do a single stroke, add too much colour.

Eyebrow Pencil | Blonde by Antonym


 5- Eyebrow Pencil | Dark Brown by Antonym

This pencil is highly pigmented to provide you with a range of looks from dramatic to subtle, this one can do it all. The waxy texture of the pencil makes the formula stick to your skin for longer hours and the pigment does not stand out too much from the eyebrow to keep things natural and casual. It is a thin pencil, so it gives a good grip and control to your hands.

 Eyebrow Pencil | Dark Brown by Antonym


You might not get your eyebrow shape right on the first attempt so don't be disheartened, you'll get there! Break down the grooming process of your eyebrows into steps to make things easier and remember not to go overboard with it.