10 Hands Creams That We Are Obsessed With

Taking care of our hands often fall pretty low on our priority list and go unnoticed. Although we perform minor to major tasks with our hands we still do not realize how crucial it is to keep them healthy and moisturized. Now with the arrival of the coronavirus, I am sure most of us have doubled the amount of time we wash our hands, but in the process they have become super dry and rough. While we cannot compromise on washing our hands frequently, lucky for us, we have hand creams to depend on. Some people only buy and use hand creams in winters because of the dry season, but it's a product that should be used all year long since you cannot really go wrong with overusing it. While there is not much confusion surrounding hand creams, but the following are some answers to questions that usually come up in our minds:


  • How regularly should it be applied: this depends on how often you wash your hands. But generally, it is said to start and finish your day by applying hand cream and keep it with you at all times and use it when you head out. Everyone knows how often their hands get dry so go with what you feel right.


  • Method to use a hand cream: As I mentioned before, there is no 'proper' way to use a cream, but I can tell you what is really useful. Squeeze the cream at the back of your hand and rub it with the other palm properly then do the same with the other hand and move on to applying cream on palms. While the standard practice is to start with palms, we need to realize that the top of our hands is more vulnerable to UV rays and the skin is much thinner too, so the focus should be there.


  • How to get rid of residue: Technically, you should not! The residue left on your hands after applying should not be washed off or taken off with the tissue. The greasiness might irritate and annoy you but let it stay because creams take some time to absorb and penetrate your skin. What you can do is go for hand creams that have a texture like lotion and are not too thick. Also, do not apply too much quantity at once!


It is difficult to find a hand cream that ticks all the boxes, but you can pause your search for the perfect hand cream now because we have compiled a list of the best hand creams for you:

1- Arcadia Hand Cream by Beekman 1802

For all those in need of a working hands cream, this is the one. The jasmine and clematis notes make the entire process of applying cream so refreshing for your tired skin. The cream is easy on the pocket and is available in different sizes to fit your needs.

 2- Rich Girl Hand Cream by Deborah Lippmann

One of the best hand creams available in Canada, without a doubt! This is an all in one cream - it is a hand cream as well as a sunscreen that not only protects your hands from harmful rays but keeps them soft and beautiful all day long.


 3- COUNT TO ZEN Rejuvenating Hand and Body Creme by YUN

Tired of dry hands all the time? This one by YUN is the best hand cream for dry skin out there if you ask me. The presence of shea butter and essential oils keep your hands hydration levels in check. Massage it gently for a minute to let your skin properly absorb it. 

 4- Regenerating Night Cream by Grown Alchemist

The formula of antioxidants and omega fatty acids is a perfect combination for the relief of your hands that have done a million tasks during the day. The lasting moisture is what saves you from applying the cream every hour.

5- Pure Goat Milk Hand Cream by Beekman 1802

For those who know the struggle to find an unscented cream, we feel you and present to you the best unscented hand cream, you can get your hands on. The botanical extract, together with jojoba oil, does an amazing job!




6- Hand Cream | Vanilla & Orange Peel by Grown Alchemist

This cream is for dry, cracked hands that you have lost all hope in. The best part about it is that it has a non-greasy formulation, so if you are like me who feels uncomfortable with greasy hands, check out this cream.


7- Intensive Hand Cream | Persian Rose & Argan Extract 

The heavy-duty formula of this cream makes sure that your hands are nourished inside out. Apply little at once and rub it along the tips of your fingers to soften the cuticles.


8- Shea Light Comforting Cream by L'Occitane

L’Occitane is among the list of the top hand cream brands. This hand-produced cream contains everything your hands want, omega 6 and karitane have exceptional properties to heal the damaged skin and restore smoothness - which has been long gone.


9- Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm by Aesop

This cream is as luxurious as its bottle! The woody aroma it brings releases the tension in your hands drastically. It is rich in emollients, an ingredient that has anti-aging properties.


10- Fragonia & Sea Buckthorn Instant Hand Therapy Cream by Pai Skincare

Certified by soil association, you can be sure of one thing that it is 70% organically produced with little to no chemicals. It contains nut oil and multiple omegas, among other things that keep your hands super moist.


If you have never used hand cream before, now is the time to start before your hands get too dry and begin to have creases and lines. Whatever weather it is outside, don’t skip on hand cream!